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Letter to the Editor: Supporting expansion of tax credit caps for Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship program

By Sen. Gary Stanislawski, Tulsa A recent column by Alberto Morejon suggested Oklahoma’s Equal Opportunity Education Scholarships don't benefit people considered lower-income, so he considers the program an attack on public schools. The column references a bill that would make more tax credits available to people who donate to schools. To be clear: The bill increases the tax credit cap available for donors who put their own dollars into education. It does not remove money from education funding. In fact,…

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Point of View: Raising tax-credit cap benefits all Oklahoma students

BY ROB SELLERS Every child deserves an education that meets their specific needs and helps them reach their full potential. As Oklahoma has increased its investment in schools, including raising teacher pay, we also have wisely created ways for our citizens and companies to get involved. The Equal Opportunity Scholarship Act authorizes tax credits for people who donate to private school scholarship funds and grants for public schools. To help public schools in rural and suburban areas, people donate to…

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Equal-Opportunity Scholarships Help Lower-Income Families Many families can't afford the schools where their children would truly thrive — that's why equal-opportunity scholarships for K-12 education are so important. AND they can help the state's budget! Helping kids get a better education is a win-win.

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