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GUEST EDITORIAL: School choice is a win-win for Oklahoma

By Charlie Daniels | Feb. 7, 2022 Everyone knows this: No two kids are alike. Less obvious, but equally true: no two schools are alike either, and there's not a single school - not even the "best" one - that's perfect for every kid. But somewhere among the 1,900 schools in Oklahoma is the right school. It could be public, private, charter or virtual. That's why we have school choice, so parents can choose the school where their kids can…

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Ray Carter | Feb. 7, 2022 In his State of the State address, Gov. Kevin Stitt urged legislators to be bold and provide Oklahoma families with a significant expansion of school-choice opportunity, saying families should have the greatest voice in how their children are educated. “In Oklahoma, we listen to parents, because we know God gave kids to parents—not to the government,” Stitt said. He also called for providing “six figure” salaries to the state’s best teachers to keep them…

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