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For 2014-15, the Scholarship Act allows an eligible student to receive up to $6,194 annually. This is 80% of the statewide annual average expenditure per pupil reported by the State Department of Education. The actual scholarship amount will depend upon a number of factors including OSF/participating school success in raising funds each year. The school will propose a scholarship amount, but the final decision will rest with the OSF.

A low income student is defined as eligible for free and reduced lunch. According the federal guidelines that is 185% of the Federal Poverty Level. It is estimated that 62% of public school students in the state meet this standard. The law suggests that roughly 62%  of the scholarship fund go to low income students attending private/independent schools. We will monitor this. It is very likely that this goal will be reached naturally without any intervention.

Our online brochure (FAQ page) and the relative items on the FAQ page have been updated, effective September 16, with this information. The school MOU will include this information for schools who have not yet joined.


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