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Clinton, OK (October 11, 2018)  Corn Bible Academy and Western Oklahoma Christian School received scholarship grants totaling more than $100,000 this week from Opportunity Scholarship Fund (OSF). The presentations were attended by school staff, parents, Rep. Todd Russ and OSF director Rob Sellers.

The non-profit OSF helps fund the educations of students who might not otherwise be able to attend a private school.

“Our donors are very generous, and they want to help low income families have the opportunity to educate their kids the way they see fit,” explained Sellers.

“In private schools there’s not as much overhead and administration, but that means there are also a lot of people wearing multiple hats. They’re trying to educate their kids and do their activities, so they often just don’t have the bandwidth to be able to raise money.”

CBA principal David Herren said there are 23 financially needy students at that school who will benefit from the scholarship grant.

“We have access to other scholarship funds because of our generous constituency, but this is certainly going to be a big help with our scholarship needs,” he said.

According to WOCS school secretary Kris Collins, there are 38 scholarship students there who will benefit from their grant.

Sellers said the amount individual students receive depends on need, but could range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand.  “No one really gets a full ride, but this will bridge the financial gap in making the difference between a family being able to send their child to a private school or not,” said Sellers.

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Corn Bible Academy, Western Oklahoma Christian School awarded scholarship grants

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