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Did you know your clients’ dollars could change a life and help Oklahoma families at the same time?


The Opportunity Scholarship Fund (OSF) is a scholarship-granting organization which provides scholarships for lower-income students to attend accredited private K-12 schools in Oklahoma. 

By giving a charitable contribution to OSF, your clients can support local private schools and earn Oklahoma tax credits toward income taxes they are going to pay anyway — often creating a charitable gift at very little net cost!

Donations to OSF are eligible for tax credits of 50-75 percent of the allowable donation amount. Any individual, family or qualified business entity paying income taxes in Oklahoma is eligible to donate and receive tax credits.

Your client’s gift can provide a lower-income family with an opportunity they never thought possible — a chance to place a child in a school that is right for them.

You can use the following content for client outreach:

Example Email

Click here to download an email for your use in correspondence.

Social Media

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Talking Points

Click here to download a complete list of talking points.

OSF Handout

Click here to download an informational handout

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