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Help clients earn Oklahoma income tax credits by encouraging them to donate to the Opportunity Scholarship Fund (OSF)! OSF is a scholarship-granting organization which provides scholarships for lower-income students to attend accredited private K-12 schools in Oklahoma.

When clients donate to OSF, they’re lowering their tax obligation and supporting kids across Oklahoma. This smart tax decision causes a ripple effect by helping lower-income families afford to send their children to the school which best fits their learning needs.

Talk to your client about donating through their business to get “the most bang for their buck.” Businesses are eligible to receive up to $100,000 in tax credits, whereas individual taxpayers can only receive up to $1,000 and joint filers are limited to $2,000 in reducing their tax bill with their gift.

It’s that simple! Donate. Support education. Get big tax benefits.


Sample Email

Use this sample email to reach out to clients about tax credits they can earn individually or through their business.

Continuing Education

Watch this informational webinar on OSF and contributions to state tax credit programs to earn one-hour of CPE credit.

Talking Points

Download a complete list of talking points to easily share information about OSF with your clients.


Watch this informational video on OSF and Oklahoma’s income tax credit program.

Tax Calculator

Click here to see what your client’s estimated tax advantages could be by using our tax calculator.

OSF Handout

Download & print our brochure to give clients information about the benefits of donating to OSF.

More Tax Benefits for Business Donations

Find out how businesses can deduct all their donation, too!

Want to Know More?

Click here to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page!

Encourage clients through your tax planning services to make the smart tax decision by donating to OSF today. It’s the best tax break available!

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