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Destiny Christian School in Del City is the newest member of the Opportunity Scholarship Fund family.

For over 25 years, Destiny Christian has been serving children and families in the greater OKC area as Mid-Del Christian School. Thousands of students have walked the halls of the school, learning to read, write, and think critically in an atmosphere of loving discipline not often found today.

Hundreds of graduates have gone on to become skilled employees in the workforce – attorneys, accountants, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, engineers, teachers, coaches, pastors, entertainers, graphic designers, to name just a few!

In 2007, the name changed to Destiny Christian School. This name change comes at a time when a lot of other things are changing as well. From the name change to a new look for the website, new high school classrooms, specialty labs, and a brand new gymnasium being built this year – all of this leads to new levels of growth for the school. The future of Destiny Christian School is exciting!

While there are lots of things changing, the foundation of Biblical truth and our commitment to an education of excellence have not changed. Destiny Christian School exists to train children in an environment of active learning, physical development, and loving discipline. The ultimate goal is to help each individual find God’s very best plan for their life and future.

And remember – Christian education isn’t costly, it’s priceless!

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Destiny Christian: Not Costly Just Priceless

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