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The Opportunity Scholarship Fund (OSF) is pleased to announce James Caraway Christian Academy (JCCA) in Chickasha, Oklahoma as its newest member school. JCCA is the 57th school to participate in the OSF, a scholarship granting organization that assists K-12 Oklahoma students attend accredited private schools when their families otherwise may not be able to afford to provide their children with the educational experience they need.

Tracy Caraway leads the school as its superintendent. The school’s academic philosophy is firmly based on subject mastery. This means JCCA focuses on “individualized learning” so that a student earns the grade, instead of simply being passed through “exposure instruction.”

JCCA was named after James C. Caraway who passed away in November 1998. Mr. Caraway was a NASA engineer and excelled in both mathematics and the sciences. He patterned his life by the Word of God. In honor of his selfless life and love for children, the school proudly chose Mr. Caraway’s name to represent its institution.

We welcome James Caraway Christian Academy to the Opportunity Scholarship Fund!

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James Caraway Christian Academy Becomes Newest OSF Member!

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