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The Positive Tomorrows is the latest school to join the Opportunity Scholarship Fund.

Positive Tomorrows began in 1989 as a real collaborative effort among a group of community organizations that recognized that the educational needs of homeless children were not being met. Founding partners included OKC Public Schools, the State Dept. of Education, CampFire USA, Neighborhood Services Organization and the YWCA.

As an affiliate of the OKC Public Schools System, the school purpose was to help homeless families collect needed documentation to enroll their children into a public school. From our founding until 2006, that was what we did. Then, a change in the Federal Grant guidelines caused us to become ineligible for government funding. While many of our students still came from the OKC Public Schools, we were no longer formally affiliated.

Today, Positive Tomorrows is a private, elementary school meeting the educational and social service needs of homeless children and their families.

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Positive Tomorrows Joins OSF

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