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OKLAHOMA CITY (June 1, 2017) – The Opportunity Scholarship Fund is celebrating the passage of Senate Bill 445 sponsored by Sen. Newhouse, R-Broken Arrow. SB445 raises the cap on tax credits for private donors and provides protections to ensure current donors receive all the tax-credits they have earned.

“We applaud the state legislature for recognizing the value these scholarships provide to families in need,” said Rob Sellers, executive director of the Opportunity Scholarship Fund. “These donations are vital in ensuring families can provide the best education possible to their children, especially those who have learning differences or need smaller class sizes to perform.”

The scholarship program is funded by private individual and business donations.  Donors receive state income tax credits of 50 to 75 percent depending upon the contribution made by the donor.

These private donations for Oklahomans allow low- and middle-income families access to affordable education options for their children to attend accredited private K-12 schools in Oklahoma.

“One of the best ways to enrich a child’s life is through a great education,” said Charlie Daniels, board president of the Opportunity Scholarship Fund. “We have distributed over $2 million in scholarships through our member schools in our quest to provide opportunities for educational choice to Oklahoma families.”

The Opportunity Scholarship Fund helps administers the scholarships in the Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Scholarship Act program for its 56 member schools in the state. Recipients are selected by the member school’s financial aid committee and funded through donations to the Opportunity Scholarship Fund.

About Opportunity Scholarship Fund

The Opportunity Scholarship Fund (OSF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization helping promote and manage the Oklahoma tax-credit scholarship program.  Students qualify based on standards established by individual member school’s financial aid criteria and meet the requirements established by the Oklahoma Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship Act.  Established in late 2014, OSF is the premier scholarship granting organization in Oklahoma.

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    1. Dear LaKeitha:

      Sorry for my delayed response as I was out of the office for a couple of days.

      In order to apply for a scholarship provided through OSF, you will want to visit and decide on a school that you are interested in having your children attend and is a member of our program. You can find a list of our member schools at As you go through the school’s application process and your student is accepted and enrolled in that school, make the school admissions officer aware of your financial situation and that you would like to apply for financial assistance if you decide to attend their school. Once enrolled, apply through the school for financial assistance. Based on their financial assistance guidelines, they will grant an award based on your financial need for your family. That award will then be sent to us for funding. It is pretty simple, but it is important that you find a school that you feel comfortable will meet your children’s educational needs that align with your family.

      I hope that this helps. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me again at

      Thank you,
      Rob Sellers
      Executive Director
      Opportunity Scholarship Fund

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Senate Bill Ensures Growth for K-12 Scholarships

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