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Special Care School is the 44th school to join the Opportunity Scholarship Fund SGO.

Special Care serves children, with and without special needs, through year-round, high-quality early childhood education, specialized care and on-site therapeutic services. Our mission is to nurture all children with and without special needs in safe, inclusive and supportive environments through education, therapeutic intervention and community acceptance.

With an average three adults in each of our 12 classrooms (a 4:1 student-teacher ratio) and twelve therapists working with children, many children who attend Special Care surpass the development predicted for them, some in significant and remarkable ways. On-site occupational, physical, speech and behavioral therapy gives families a “one-stop” opportunity to meet the needs of their child or children. Therapists, teachers, children, and parents work together to create activities, environments, and communication habits that best suit each child’s development. Barriers such as inaccessible equipment, social isolation, teachers without specialized training in special education, difficulty of transportation from school to after-school care, and limited therapeutic intervention often affect this population.

Our program removes these barriers for our children and their families.

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