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    Who We Serve

    OSF provides a financial bridge for families to achieve specialized PreK-12 education for their children, whether they’re bullied, experiencing homelessness, battling addiction, have learning disabilities or are struggling academically.


    How to Qualify
    • Be a legal U.S. resident living in Oklahoma
    • Be accepted by an OSF member school
    • Meet one of the following requirements:
      • Attend an Oklahoma public school with an Individualized Education Program (IEP)
      • Attend or live within the attendance zone of a public school designated “in need of improvement” by the State Board of Education
      • Family within adjusted gross income guidelines
    Family Income Limits

    Families qualify for a scholarship with OSF if they make less than the amount listed in each bracket below. For example, if you have a family of 4 and you make less than a total of $173,160/year, you qualify!

    • Family of 1: up to $83,583
    • Family of 2: up to $113,442
    • Family of 3: up to $143,301
    • Family of 4: up to $173,160
    • Family of 5: up to $203,019
    • Family of 6: up to $232,878
    • Family of 7: up to $262,737
    • Family of 8: up to $292,596

    For each additional family member, add $29,859 to the income limit.

    Once a student receives an OSF scholarship, that student remains eligible until high school graduation or 21 years of age, whichever occurs first. Additionally, siblings automatically qualify.

    While a family only needs to become eligible once, they must reapply for a scholarship yearly for each student.

    Scholarship Amounts
    • Maximum award is $8,000, or 80% of the statewide annual average per-pupil expenditure
    • Students with identified special educational needs can receive up to $25,000
    • Covers all or part of the tuition, fees and transportation costs
    • Your school determines the award amount — not OSF!

    Application Process

    OSF is accepting scholarship applications for the 2024-2025 school year. See the chart below or click here to view full details on the scholarship application process.

      how to apply

      Click each step for more information.

      Scholarship Process

      Member school evaluates financial need, confirms eligibility and recommends scholarship amount

      OSF reviews the application and the recommended scholarship amount for compliance; emails family the award link

      Family clicks link in email to acknowledge scholarship award

      Scholarship funds sent to school for students’ tuition/fees


      What does a “qualified school for eligible special needs students” mean?

      A qualified school can receive up to $25,000 for a student that has documented needs, be it through the family service plan of SoonerStart, a public school-issued IEP, or a professional clinical diagnosis. A qualified school provides services that meet the needs of an eligible special needs student. The higher scholarship amount helps relieve the financial burden for services like special transportation, additional fees, dyslexia resources, speech therapy, and more. OSF can also help connect families with other resources, like the Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship Program or Every Kid Counts Oklahoma.

      When a school does not offer special education programs, we recommend the family discuss whether the school can manage the needs of that child. It is the parents’ ultimate choice on whether the child is still better served at that school over another educational environment.

      Are scholarships taxable?

      The scholarships are for tuition and fees, which are tax-exempt.

      How are students with special educational needs accommodated?

      Students with an IEP or professional clinical diagnoses are eligible for an OSF scholarship. These students may receive up to $25,000 per year for tuition, fees, and transportation. If a member school does not currently provide special education programs, we recommend the school discuss its capability with the parents about serving that student. It is the parents’ ultimate choice to select their child’s educational environment.

      How is scholarship eligibility renewed?

      Once eligibility has been established, students are eligible every year going forward until graduation. However, recipients are required to apply annually to continue receiving financial assistance.

      Additional Resources

      In addition to an OSF scholarship, there are other ways to receive assistance for private PreK-12 education.

      Under Oklahoma state law, LNH scholarships help parents/guardians cover the cost of tuition at eligible private PreK-12 grade schools for qualifying students.

      OPSA provides educational resources including fact sheets, videos, and personalized guidance to help elevate the voices of Oklahoma students, teachers, and families to build an education solution that works for every kid.




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